7 Unique Homemade Terrarium Ideas For Your Spring Décor

The terrarium is a popular modern flower pot that will be a perfect choice to add a natural touch to your interior design. It is also an alternative way to plant if the house doesn’t have enough planting area. Moreover, it is small enough to be put on the desk or hanged on the wall. You definitely want to have it at home. These 10 unique homemade terrarium ideas will inspire you to make your own beautiful one.

Especially, a decorating terrarium is quite easy as many types of plants are suitable for its habitats. You can use gravel, soil, and all kinds of other natural elements to make it beautiful. Generally, a terrarium is placed in a glass so that it can be seen its beauty. Meanwhile, you can use other media to make it more unique.

1. Table Lamp Terrarium

Image Source: etsy.com

Adding a little green under the light is a great accent for small spaces or rooms. It is a simple way to lighten up your room with natural elements. Growing moss and air plant in the terrarium is absolutely minimalist and simple. You just need to provide a clear vase or a glass jar with the lid. After that, glue the base of the lamp at the top.

2. Greenhouse Picture Frame Terrarium


Many stores provide beautifully and vary terrarium. Meanwhile, it seems to be expensive. This homemade terrarium idea is a perfect solution as it can be done on a budget. You just use inexpensive frames to make this.

3. Light Bulb Terrarium

Image Source: picsnaper.com

Have many old light bulbs? Save them and make your own cute light bulb terrarium. Rather than throw them away, let’s turn it into tiny terrarium that can beautify your room. All you need to do is just provide the clear light bulb so that it can become a vase and some patience to place everything inside the light bulb perfectly. You can use tweezers to do this step.

4. Glass Coffee Cup Terrarium

glass coffee terrarium

Image Source: alwaysintrend.com

Any glass container can become a wonderful terrarium idea. You can make a unique terrarium using an unusual glass container. Here is one of the examples. Glass coffee cup can be used If you want to create your own terrarium that has a friendly budget but unique. It is completely easy.

5. Apothecary Jar Terrarium

Apothecary Jar Terrarium

Image Source: omghomedecor.com

Apothecary jar is really decorative. Using it in your own homemade terrarium must be a perfect idea to create miniature shows of greenery to display around the house.

6. Hanging Glass Terrarium

Hanging Glass Terrarium

Image Source: instructables.com

If you have pets in your house this terrarium idea is definitely a perfect choice. As it is hung on the top it will not get knocked over by your cats. All you need to have are only a clear glass bowl and rope.

7. Coffee Pot Terrarium

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Image Source: minigardener.wordpress.com

This cute coffee pot terrarium is the perfect household plant decor to have nearby when you have your morning cup of coffee. All you need to have is just your creativity in arranging the plant and other elements inside the coffee pot.

8. DIY Miniature Waterfall

Image Source: frontporch.club

Obtain lovely falls in your house with this prize-winning DIY terrarium waterfall idea available at the Instructables!

9. Recycled Plastic Bottle Terrarium

Image Source: googleusercontent.com

Reuse a soft drink container to finish this imaginative soft drink bottle terrarium. The DIY is right here!

10. Ceramic Barn Inspired Terrarium

Image Source: googleusercontent.com

Make this ceramic barn motivated terrarium in just $10, click on this link to see the guide video!

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